• This is bulk big FIBC bag filling packing machine, which is also known as bulk bag filling machine. This bulk bag filler is with scale platform, which weighing the bulk bag/ton bag/jumbo bag on the it. This model of bulk bag filling system is especially made for   limited space packing

• Bulk big FIBC bag filling packing machine can automatically complete the measuring, weighing filling, automatic bag hook off,air-filling dust removal and other work.Due to the modular design providing a variety of feeders interchangeably usage,suitable for packaging granules materials which are easy to flow or powder materials which  are poor liquidity, such as chemicals, feed, solid beverage, plastic particles, pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticides, additives, etc.

Flowing Process:

• Bag supplied & clamped by manual→ Automatic filling→ Automatic weighing→ Forklift to carry the bag

Applicable bags:

• Bulk bag,FIBC bag,jumbo bag,big bag,ton bag,supuer bag,2 cubic foot bags.


• Sulfur,zeolite,silica sand,sand,gravels, bentonite powder, fluorspar concentrate powder,mineral,perlite,barite powder, refractory materials, grains, corn, sugar, salt, cement, fertilizer, mulch compost,wood pellets,copper concentrate, fly ash, urea fertilizer,concrete dried mix, fishmeal,sulphur, granule, soybean meal, pvc resin,etc.


• Turn key operation, easy to use, features working state indicator, out of tolerance alarm, convertible to automated system for 24/7 production.
• Automatic bag clamping and loosening.
• Easy to read display screen displays real-time information, can be equipped  with multi-interface to export data for analysis.

• Low labour intensity, safe to operate.

•  Weighing instruments features keyboard, tare weight function, auto barking, auto clear hull, dynamic check, auto zero track and accounting bags, packing weight statistic. •  High quality components sourced from brand name manufacturers for easier maintenance.

•  Limited one year warranty standard 

Technical Parameters :   

Weighing Scope800-2000kg
Production capacity10-15 bag/hour (depending on discharging temperature, air content, etc.)
Power Supply380V A.C. 50HZ/ Can be customized
Power4 KW
Compressed Air0.5~0.6 Mpa
bulk big FIBC bag filling packing machine