20 kg packing machine introduction

20kg packing machine mainly used for quantitative packaging of powder materials, like : flour, starch, cement, maize flour, fertilizer, and so on.

20 kg packing machine features:

1. Use fast and slow inverter to control screw rotation and cutting.

2. Automatic storage function, can record cumulative production, daily output.

3. Pneumatic bagging device saves manpower.

Technical Parameter

ModelVoltagePowerPacking rangePacking speedDimensionWeight
DCS-B2 220v, 50Hz1.8kw10-500g1200-2500bag/h2120*980*680mm220kg
DCS-B25220V, 50Hz1.1kw10-50kg3-6bag/min2720*860*1320mm300kg
Big scale 20 kg flour packing filling machine