Mainly applicable to powder material(flour, bran, starch, feed, chemical powder and etc.) similar material.


  1. Adopted by a fast,medium,slow feeding mode. AD processing technology of high speed, anti-interference technology,automatic error correction and compansation technology, accurate measurement, stable and reliable performance.
  2. With reasonable structure design, low energy consumption, energy saving and consumption reducing function.
  3. Different ways will be used for feeding and structure applying according to different materials in order to ensure that the measurement is accurate, stable and reliable.
  4. Using lift-down bag structure to make sure that the bag can be fall vertically on the conveyor, and it can be improved the working environment effectively.
  5. There have some functions of the weight display, cumulative bags, working status and intelligent processing of fault.

Model: DCS-A25-2
Weighing Range:25-50kg
Packing Speed: 400-450bags/hour
Precision: ±0.2%FS (within 50-100g)
Electrical Power: AC380/220,50/60(V/Hz), 3/1 phase, made as per requirement
Air Source Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
Weight: 600kg
Dimension: 3816x1535x3500mm


  1. Automatic quantity-fixed balance
  2. Automatic bag-supplying and weighing filling section
  3. Optional section such as air compressor
  4. Automatic bag-clamped section
  5. Automatic belt conveyor
  6. Automatic sewing or sealing machine
  7. Electrical PLC instrument control cabinet
50kg bags flour packing machine
50kg bags flour packing machine