1).Grain :corn, millet ,rice ,seeds and so on
2).Pellet: wood pellet,peanut shell pellet,animal feed pellet;compost manure,fertilizer pellet ,rubber particle. Plastic particles, PP particle PE particle
3).Food:inorganic salt ,industrial salt ,sugar ,food pellet and so on
4).Other:chemical industry ,building material ,coal ,steel ,mental pellet and other pellet material.

Technical Data of Bagging and Packing Machine:

Model DCS-50-PD DCS-100-PD
Packing range 25-50kg 50-100kg
Packing error 0.1%F.S 0.1%F.S
Division difference 20g 20g
Packing speed(bags/h) ≥300 ≥300
Material All contact with the material for the production of stainless 
steel material, good liquidity, wear resistance, corrosion 
resistance, easy to clean sanitation
Feeding way Belt feeding
Power air supply                       AC220V  50HZ  0.4-0.8mpa