Fully automatic packaging effect, using white paint appearance, strong and beautiful.

Install a vibrator inside the machine, so that the machine will not stick when packing the powder. It can be connected with a variety of repacking machines. The twisting time is 3-4 seconds, depending on the product.

This machine is a combination of two-in-one machine into a fully automatic packaging machine. The above-mentioned small combined machine can be taken down and separately loaded with other things. The following can also be used separately. This is the biggest advantage of the combination. Can be half automatic can also be fully automatic.


Powder, granule, tea, medicinal herbs, seeds, coffee beans, coffee powder, seasoning, tea, health products, pills, dried fruit, salt, monosodium glutamate, millet, miscellaneous grains, granules, white sugar, Chinese and Western medicine powder, electronic components, flower tea, hardware components , plastic components, and so on.

NameBack Seal Packing Machine
Capacity10-25 bags per minutes
Packing weight2-50g( according to material density)
Bag length15cm( adjustable)
Bag sizeRolling membrane wideth can choose 12.5,11,10,9,8,7cm
Bag materialComposite film, filter paper, aluminum foil paper, color composite film
Voltage220V Customized, single phase
Machine size38*45*146cm
Packing volume0.3 cubic meter
ApplicationPowder , granule
Back Seal Packing Machine