Sachet white sugar packing machineRecommended for: Granulated or free flow powder type products such as sugar, rice, coffee, oat meal, instant drink mix, soup and
so on.

·Easy operation and adjustment with touch-panel
·Auto-diagnosis with code shown on touch-panel
·Accurate pouch length control by step-motor
·Material contact parts made of stainless steel SUS304
·Micro-adjustable measuring cup volume
·Interchangeable measuring cup for different volume.
Optional Accessories:·Bucket Elevator·Conveyer belt
Automatically 10kg 25kg Seed coffee beans peas rice green peas packing machine

·Constant heat sealing with PID ·Temperature controller
·Film end machine stop device
·Product counter
·Product exit slider
·Pattern registration photocell sensor
·Reel film feeding motor
·Safe guard
·One set of forming tube
·One set of measuring cups