full automatic glasses cloth nitrile gloves Baby Diaper Packing Machine

Standard features:

3 independent motors control conveyor part, vertical sealing part and end sealing part separately

Motion controller for quick response to various commands

Accurate positioning

Temperature setting accurately by independent controller

Specially customized vertical sealing device makes PE film available

Box motion type cutter extent the height of product and helpful for the firm sealing

Food grade SUS304 contact parts

Touch screen 7”

Special features:

All control in one touch screen, user-friendly and easy operation

Empty bag prevention, no product no bag

Product cutting prevention, machine will stop once cutter cuts the product

Memory function, can store 99 groups of package parameters (product position, packing speed, bag length)

No limit for product length

full automatic glasses cloth nitrile gloves Baby Diaper Packing Machine

OutputUp to 200 products per minute
Up to 40 m/min film speed
Product and film characteristic may affect machine output
Size Range
Package cut-off length50-6000mm
Product widthmax.215mm
Product heightmax.90mm
Packaging Material Reel
Reel diameter≤300mm
Core diameter≤75mm
Packaging material widthmax.450mm
Weightmax. 25KG
Power usage4.3KW
Machine weight960kg
Machine dimensionsL4200mm*W1000mm*H1300mm
Blade cut typeBox motion
Motor configuration3 servo motors and 2 variable frequency motors
Optional Devicedate printer, auto feeder, gas charger, etc.
Automatic weighing packing machine for noodles