precise and high-speed quantitative weighing packaging system. It is suitable for weighing material of
small grain with good uniformity, such as oatmeal, sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, milk powder coffee, etc

Linear vibration pan

Products are distributed uniformly to each linear vibration pan from the top cone,then fed into and stored in the feed hopper.

Weigh hopper.

weigh hoppers finished the weighing and combination and discharged products to the next packaging machine

Technical Features
1. High precise digital weighing sensor and AD module have been developed.
2. Touch screen with human-based interface.
3. Chinese/English/Spanish multi language operation system can be selected basing on customer’s requests.
Weighing Range100-2000g
Max Weigh Speed60 Bags/Min
Hopper Volume3000ml
Max Products4
Power220V / 50/60HZ / 8A/ 800W
Automatic weighing 1kg sugar packing machine 4 head linear weigher spices almond powder