Famous brand PLC control system, wide version touch screen, convenient to operate.

·   Servo film pulling system, Pneumatic horizontal sealing.

·   Perfect alarm system to reduce waste.

·   It can complete feeding, measuring, filling, sealing, date printing, charging (exhausting), counting, finished product delivery when it equips with feeding and measuring equipment.

·   The way of bag making: the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing-bevel bag, punch bag or according to customer’s requirements.


Automatic vertical form fill seal packing machine is suitable to pack a wide range of high accuracy and easy fragile product, such as pet food, fish feed,corn flakes, snacks, breakfast cereals, popcorn, rice, jelly, candy, fried pellet, chips, bean, seeds, dry nuts, etc.

Technical parameter:

Bag Size(L)50-200 (W) 60-150mm
Bag TypePillow-type bag, standing-bevel bag, punch bag
Max Film WidthMax 320mm
Film Thickness0.04-0.09mm
Air Consumption0.8Mps  0.25m3/min
Main Power / Voltage2KW/ 220V 50Hz
Packing DimensionL1110xW800xH1130 mm
Packing Weight300KG