flour bag sewing machine full-automatic industry sewing machine


This precision built sewing head is not only the fastest bag closing machine but also the most versatile of all heads currently available.flour bag sewing machine full-automatic industry closing sewing machine

Suitable for closing paper, PP woven cloth ,jute and the fact of every type of open mouth sack .


Max speed2700rpm
Material thicknessMax 8mmflour bag sewing machine full-automatic industry closing sewing 
Needle bar stroke48mm,clearance between throat plate and needle point 15.5mm
Stitch widthDS-9A 7-11.5mm; DS-9C 7-10.5mm ( standard setting 10mm)
Stitch typesingle needle double thread chain stitch ( single thread for “easy opening”available by special order
Closing typeDS-9A for plain closing only; DS-9C for both plain & tape bound closings
Crepe-Tape width (DS-9C)standard 55mm, other width available ( tape binder is not included as a standard supply)
Start/StopMirco-switch or photo-switch ( not included )
Cutter typeDS-9A mechanically operated cutter; DS-9C air cylinder operated cutter
Air pressure4KG/cm³(DS-9C)
Air consumption3.5Nl/min (DS-9C)
Lubrication systemautomatic oil bath system ( recommended oil : Shell Tellus oil #32)
Oil feeding volume1740cc ( approx )
Machine pulleyDia, 100mm,variable speed pulley available by special order
V-belt typeM ( not included )
Needle TypeDR-H30 #26
Thread synthetic or cotton 20/6  20/9
Motor required0.75KW 4P 3pase ( not included )
Net weight40kg approx
Gross weight50KG approx
Measurment7 cftflour bag sewnig machine full-automatic industry closing sewing machine