Features of #tomatoketchuppackingmachine

1. touch control programmable operation, servo motor super large display touch screen constitutes the driving control core, the operation is simple.

2. the machine and the filling machine can complete the whole packaging process of metering, feeding, filling and making bags, date printing and finished product conveying.

3. The improved automatic alarm protection function will minimize the loss and help to eliminate the problems in time.

4. Adopt intelligent temperature controller to ensure that the seal is beautiful, smooth, cut the knife edge and do anti-stick treatment.

5. the filling feeding adopts a professional anti-dripping throttling mode, and the phenomenon that the sealing is not firmly fixed is effectively avoided.

6. The whole machine is made of food grade SUS304 stainless steel, and the food is safe and reliable.

7. According to the requirements, the feeding system can be customized to save the cost of workers.