automatic sauce filling machine,chilli sauce filling machine

It’s suitable to use in packing the all kinds liquids , such as: water ,juice ,milk, jam ,Shampoo, oil,alcohol ,Medical saline,amylaceum etc…

I.Combined parts
Necessary: 1. main frame 2.Screw metering machine. Optional : 3.Screw infeed conveyor 4.Product conveyor

II. Main performance and structure features
1:New design with perfect fashion, more reasonable structure, more advanced technology.
2.Imported PLC control system, colorful touch screen, easy operation, intuitionistic and efficient.
3.Standard positioning with imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, superexcellent capability for complete machine, perfect packaging.

  1. with auto warning protection function to minimize loss
    5.Various kinds of bag, it could provide the pillow bag, angle fold bag, hang hole bag, link bag, etc

Simple construct, reliable circulator, easy maintenance.
The machine adopt the screw pole putting material, adopting servo-code and the.microcomputer technology control is the main technology feature. Code.
Simultaneous control, sensitive action, low noise, outstanding, reliable measure,speed quickly, high precise soon. Another it can display the measure counter

Two synchronous belt device, angle fold device, automatic rectifying device, hole-punching device, link bag device