Main performance and structural advantages

  1. Color touch screen and a stable and reliable biaxial high accuracy output PLC control, bag, measuring, filling, sealing, printing, cutting bags once completed
  2. Pneumatic control circuit controls the independence and separation, low noise, the circuit is more stable
  3. Vacuum belt tension membrane, membrane supporting less negative force, bags forming a good, more beautiful, easy to wear belts
  4. Dual servo control, high precision positioning, accurate size
  5. Adopt external film structure, packaging film installation simpler, easie.
  6. Adjustment of bag deviation just needed to be on the touch screen, simple operation
  7.  The whole machine adopts closed-end machinery, effectively prevent dust entering the inside of the machine
  8. Electronic weighing methods, packaging weight is more accurate, cheaper production costs

Main technical:

 Capacity 50 bags/min,it is according to quality of wrapping and supplies
 Bag size(L)60-300mm (W)90-200mm
 Film width420mm
 Bag type Pack with film, upper seal, lower seal and back seal by automatic bag making machine.
 Film thickness 0.06-0.08mm, the best is 0.07-0.08mm
Package material thermal composite material., likeBOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE etc
 Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min
 Total powder4.745KW
 Voltage Four wire three phase, 380V    50HZ
 Air compressor Not less than 1 cube
 Total height 3.508 m
Automatic preformed pouch packing machine&Vertical packing scale


confirm machine type: Negotiate with clients to seclect the correct machine according to customers’ requirment.

Quote and Sign firm contract: After confirm with customers with all details, such as payment terms,model, delivery time,send official quotation to clients.


1,When equipments arrive in clients factory,send engineers there for installation and ensure customers know how to operate the machine.

2,In order to improve our products,we keep in close contact with customers to know their feedbacks and suggestions.