Main performance and structural advantages

  • Color touch screen and a stable and reliable biaxial high accuracy output PLC control, bag, measuring, filling, sealing, printing, cutting bags once completed
  • Pneumatic control circuit controls the independence and separation, low noise, the circuit is more stable
  • Vacuum belt tension membrane, membrane supporting less negative force, bags forming a good, more beautiful, easy to wear belts
  • Dual servo control, high precision positioning, accurate size
  • Adopt external film structure, packaging film installation simpler, easie.
  • Adjustment of bag deviation just needed to be on the touch screen, simple operation
  • The whole machine adopts closed-end machinery, effectively prevent dust entering the inside of the machine
  • Electronic weighing methods, packaging weight is more accurate, cheaper production costs
 ItermAutomatic preformed pouch packing machine Vertical packing scale
 Capacity 50 bags/min,it is according to quality of wrapping and supplies
 Bag size(L)60-300mm (W)90-200mm
 Film width420mm
 Bag type Pack with film, upper seal, lower seal and back seal by automatic bag making machine.
 Film thickness 0.06-0.08mm, the best is 0.07-0.08mm
Package material thermal composite material., likeBOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE etc
 Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.5m3/min
 Total powder4.745KW
 Voltage Four wire three phase, 380V    50HZ
 Air compressor Not less than 1 cube
 Total height 3.508 m
Automatic preformed pouch packing machine Vertical packing scale