1) With electronic weighting system makes the weight of packing more accurate and speed faster.
2) Multi-language color touch screen to make the operation is much easilier and efficient to meet different clients’ needs.
3) Imported brand PLC computer system has stable running and parameters can be adjusted any time.
4) Imported servo film transport system,imported color code sensor make a accurace position and performance and have a perfect packing bag.
5) Kinds of automatic alarming protective function furthest reduce the unnecessary loss.
6) The whole set packing machine can finish all the processes automatically from feeding,measuring,filling,forming,sealing and output.

pouch packing machine is suitable for high precision measurement and fragile packaging bulk products,such as puffed food,crispy rice,fruit,frozen food,candy,apple slices,dumplings,rice balls,chocolate,hardware items etc.

Automatic 3 in 1 coffee powder stick packing machine
Automatic 3 in 1 coffee powder stick packing machine