Automatic packing scale from Henan is a kind of packing scale. It is named for its main packaging materials such as 500KG, 1000KG, 1500KG, 2000KG and so on. Our company’s semi automatic granule or powder  weighing packing scale automation level is high, labor intensity is low, the design is novel. Is the majority of refractory factory, high temperature material factory, building materials factory, chemical plant, chemical fertilizer plant, plastic factory and other industries bulk packaging equipment. Application range of refractory plant, chemical fertilizer plant, iron plant, steel plant, cement plant, bulk material factory, building material factory, preform factory, premix factory, etc.


First of all, we will choose the appropriate material delivery mode according to the nature of your material. Start up automatic packing scale from Henan, various instruments, electrical appliances, sensors and so on. Staff will put the tonnage bag in the correct position of the tonnage bag scale and start the packing procedure. The system will automatically pack according to the pre-set requirements. The whole process is completed automatically without the participation of personnel. When the automatic rationed weighing packing scale is completed, the automatic packing scale from Henan automatically loosens the ton package, and the packaged products are sent to the hoisting position by conveyor belt.