automatic packing machine 25kg sand woven bag

Model: DCS-25

Weighing Capacity: 2-4 bags/min

Weighing Range: 20-50kg/package

Weighing Error: 0.2-2%

Power Supply: AC380V

Host Power: 0.9KW

Gas Supply: oil-free, dust-free instrument gas

Pressure: 0.4—0.6Mpa

Transport Machine:

Conveyor Length: 2000mm

Conveyor Speed: 5-20m/min

Conveyor Belt Width: 400mm

Maximum Conveying Capacity: 10 bags / min

Power Supply: AC380V

Power: 0.37KW

Sewing Unit:

Sewing machine and liftable sewing machine column, the maximum sewing thickness is 8mm, the sewing speed is 1700rpm~1800rpm, the sewing stitch length is 6.5mm~11mm, the needle type is 80800×250#, the wire cutter is mechanical, the drive motor power 380v , 50Hz; the sewing machine can be set on the column of the sewing machine and the control switch of the reserved belt conveyor and the he adjustable height is suitable for the height range of the design package.