Small sachet dry fruit nut salt peanut snack bag food automatic packaging machine small scale 

1. The structure of the machine is tight, firm, with reasonable design and simple appearance.
2. Stepping motor film, can adjust the parameters on the screen, easy to operate.
3. Frequency conversion speed regulation, more stable operation, lower noise, lower failure probability
4. It can be even packaged or individually packaged, and can be connected to the inflatable device to meet the needs of different products.
5. Automatic bag-making from metering, filling, metering, sealing, printing date, product output one-time completion.
6. eye mark sensor control system is adopted for accurate packing of products
7.Borrow the principle of spring pressure knife, pneumatic cutting.

Model No.:160
MaterialStainless Steel
Film WidthMax.320mm
Packing Spedd10-70Bags/min
Machine Size(L)1250*(W)950*(H)1780
UsedProduct Packaging
Automatic packaging machine small scale sachet dry fruit nut salt peanut snack bag food

Articulated bag former structure, high speed of accuracy and clean cutting, sealing bags. positioned stop function to avoids sticking blades and wasting materials, for perfect bag shape