Model DCS-1 DCS-5 DCS-25 DCS-50 DCS-100
Packing range 0.2-1kg 1-5kg 2.5-25kg 5-50kg 10-100kg
Packing error 0.2%F.S 0.2%F.S 0.1%F.S 0.1%F.S 0.1%F.S
Division difference 2g 5g 10g 20g 20g
Packing speed(bags/h) 300-500 300-500 300-420 ≥300 ≥300
Material All contact with the material for the production of stainless 
steel material, good liquidity, wear resistance, corrosion 
resistance, easy to clean sanitation
Feeding way Belt feeding
Power air supply                       AC220V  50HZ  0.4-0.8mpa
Dimension(mm) 1725*620*710 1890*620*710 2450*650*715 2560*650*715 2960*730*775

Declaration: The price showing here only for your reference,It is may not the final actual transaction price,due to raw material costs and exchange rate changes frequently, also your requirements(includes but is not limited to the specification, model, workmanship,quantity per time, quality requirements,customized service) different to this product information. 

Technical Data of Rice Packing Machine:

1Quantitative packing machineDCS-501
3Sewing Machinegk35-2C1
Automatic Manure Fertilizer Packaging 50Kg Rice Bags Packing Machine