Rotary Type Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine is suitable for filling various types of coffee capsules ( such as nesspressok/k-cup/lavazza). Can automatically complete the capsule cup’s automatic drop cup, automatic filling, automatic suction film, sealing, automatic cup and other functions. The machine uses the Japanese ohm long programmable logic controller, pneumatic control element, intelligent digital display temperature control system, with the features of high sealing strength, good sealing performance, low failure rate and small floor space, which is preferred product for enterprise automation production.

Stable, reliable, safe, with alarm function.
Variable frequency control, the filling time can be adjustable.
The configuration elements adopt the international famous brand.
High filling accuracy, suitable for all kinds of cups.
Alarm and shutdown when gas supply is low.
Easy to clean and maintenance.

Factory Price K-Cup Coffee Filling And Sealing Machine
automatic filling and sealing machine