High quality automatic hot sale food vacuum packing machine

1. This equipment is suitable for vacuum packaging of food, medicine, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and other products, which can prevent oxidation and mildew of products and prolong the storage period of products.

2. With visualized operation interface, it can be switched between Chinese and English, easy to use, simple to debug, fault alarm and other automation functions, easy to operate and maintain. This equipment has low failure rate and stable operation, which solves the problem of difficult maintenance and difficult maintenance.

3. Operation steps:
a. Turn on the power
b. Turn on the power switch and set the vacuum time according to the vacuum packaging requirements.
c. Set the sealing temperature and sealing time according to the material of the vacuum bag
d. Place the product on the sealing strip
e. Depress the vacuum cover and start vacuuming
f. When a certain degree of vacuum is reached, enter the sealing procedure
g. After the seal is finished, enter the cooling state, then deflate, and the packaging is completed.

4. Notes
Always add oil before using the new machine, and check the oil level frequently. When the oil contains water or other impurities, you need to change the oil in time. When the machine is used for a period of time, it is also necessary to change the oil regularly. This vacuum machine uses engine oil for No. 6 or No. 10 motor oil.

Opeate  Auomatic
Sealing length26cm
Capacity1-4 bags/min
Sealing width8mm
  Machine weight   35KG
food vacuum packing machine