linear Weigher with vertical bagger machine

1. linear  Weigher Application

Multihead Weigher is developed for precise and high-speed quantitative weighing packaging system. It is suitable for weighing materiel of small grain with good uniformity, such as oatmeal, sugar, salt, seeds, rice, sesame, milk powder coffee, etc.

2. linear Weigher Main function

1). High precise digital weighing sensor and AD module have been developed.

2). Touch screen with human-based interface.

3). Chinese/English/Spanish multi language operation system can be selected basing on customer’s requests.

3. linear  Weigher Parameters

Modellinear weigher
Weighing range10-3000g
Max weigh speed50 bags/min
Weighing Hopper volume3000ml
Driver methodstepper motor
OptionTiming hopper /Dimple hopper
HMI7 inch HMI
Power parameter220V/800W/50/60Hz/8A
Packaging volume (mm)1010(L)*960(W)*1207(H)
Total weight (kg)290 kg
Automatic high speed stable performance 4 head linear weigher for bread crumbs packaging Malaysia

weigher application

Multihead weigher is suitable for grains, sticks, slice, globose, irregular shape products such as candy, chocolate, jelly, pasta, melon seeds, roasted seeds, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, nuts, coffee bean, chips ,raisins, plum, cereals and other leisure foods, pet food, puffed food, vegetable, dehydrated vegetables ,fruits, sea food, frozen food, small hardware, etc

Linear weigher weighing products are small grains with good uniformity ,such as oatmeal, sugar, salt, seeds, nuts, rice, sesame, milk powder, peas , chocolate balls ,etc .