automatic heat tunnel shrink wrapping machine/ heat shrink packingmachine

Automatic Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine including sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel which can feed bottles, collating, seal and cut film and shrink film bag automatically. It is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, printing, hardware, and other industry.

2. This machine can collate bottles (round or square), cans, gable cartons, and tetra cartons automatically. It can connect filling machine or labelling machine to make production line unmanned.

3. Bottles can be collated faster by a special faster and stable collating device and never fall down.

4. Adopt durable “u” shape alloyed sealing knife and saw teeth cutting knife with anti-stick Teflon coats supported by four columns, the sealing line is very strong and can use thicker PE film for heavy products.

5. Rows can be set on the touch screen. When product size changes only adjust packing size on the machine within a short time without changing any molds.

6. Adopt Siemens plc and colorful touch screen, Omron temperature controller, timer, relay, switch, and sensor.

7. Optional output roller table or conveyors are available.

8. Optional safety cover is available.


Big bottles in multi-row without trays such as drinking bottles, pure water bottles, beer bottles, etc. It can be connected and work with auto filling machine.