This series packing machine adopts the world’s most advanced microcomputer chip control,with photoelectric sensors tracking and detection, accurate cutting inside two sealed bags, optional perforation device fitted(Circular holes, pinholes, projection holes), coding, clip gas or inflatable device.It’s suitable for packing different grains or granules, such as sugar, salt, desiccant, coffee, washing powder, glucose, seeds, seasoning, pepper, beans, etc.


Filling, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, hot pressing, batch number, etc. can be automatically completed in the packaging process, and the photoelectric tracking target positioning does not need to be adjusted.

Intelligent control system, Chinese and English LCD display. Simply set the parameters to precisely control system operation.

The heat sealer controls the uniform heating of the bag side, and the upper and lower sides can be separately adjusted.

the replacement of the tool can achieve a letter shape, pattern shape cut, one-line cut with the cut, the bag is stable and reliable without card pocket, easy to operate, can be equipped with wheeled code printer, for batch number, shelf life, etc.

Weight methodMeasuring cup
Bag typeBack/side envelope
Dose range1-100g
Bag sizeBag length 50-160mm
Packing speedBag width 55-110mm
control method30-70 packs / minute, (depending on the size of the bag)
Chassis appearancePLC control system + Chinese and English display
PowerStainless steel plate
power supply1.5KW
WeightAC 220V single phase 50Hz
DimensionsGross weight 200 kg
Automatic granule packaging machine Sunflower peanut melon seeds soybeans candy crystal sugar salt