Main Features

  1. Dual frequency conversion control, Bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and film.
  2. Interface features easy and quick setting and operation.
  3. Self failure diagnosis . clear failure display.
  4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy
  5. Temperature independent PID control, more suitable for packaging different materials.
  6. Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film .
  7. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
  8. All control is realized through software, easy for function adjusting and technical upgrade.
ItemGranule packing machine
Film size(mm)MAX.320
Bag length(mm)50-200
Bag width(mm)50-150
Measuring range (ml)20-500
Packing speed(bag/min)5-90
Packing materialOpp/cpp,opp/PE,BOPP/VMPE
Power voltage2.2KW/220V 50-60HZ
Net weight350KG
food packing machine

Suitable for packing for all kinds of grain material,sheet material,strip material and abnormity material
which such as candy,melon seeds, chips, peanuts, nutlet , preserved fruit, jelly, biscuit, confect, camphorball,peanut,nuts,currant,almond,chocolate,fibert,cornpet foodstuff,dilatant foodstuff,hardware and plastic can be weighed by theration.

Film Roller
The film can be replaced easily on the film roller.
Various films adaptable: OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,MST/PE/PET/PE.

grain packing machine

Measuring cup
304 stainless steel measurement parts will measure the weight of each bag automatically.

sugar filling and packing machines

Bag Former
304 stainless steel bag former is for shaping the film into a bag.
Different bag width needs different bag former.

corn packing machine

Bag Cutting Device
High speed of fine and clean cutting and sealing bags.
Positioned stop function avoides sticking blades and wasting materials.
According to customer needs,
the bag types can be changed:back seal, three sides seal, four side seal.

sugar packing machine

Easy Control Touch Screen
Language: Standard English and Chinese. Any language can be customized.
PLC: Imported PLC microcomputer with interface and frequency control enables bag parameter setting more convenient and easier.

automatic salt packing machine