Automatic 100g 500g 1kg 2kg 5kg Flour Detergent Powder Filling Packing Machine

Powder Packing Machine require limited operator intervention. The operator need only replenish product by loading supply hoppers,changing packaging film and bag former.

Combined Parts:
Necessary: 1.Screw Elevator 2. Auger Filler
4. 320/420/520/720 Packing Machine 5.Conveyor

1: Made of stainless steel, rust and durable, easy operation and maintenance.
2: Controller by PLC, operate by touch screen, driving by stepper motor control.
3: Film moving very smooth and have serson tracking, shape of bag, dimension of bag is very well.
4: Horizontal and vertical sealing temperature can adjustable, better for lof of packaging film.
5: From filling, bagging, printing date, inflatable (exhaust) one-time completion.