Dc-50 auto packing machine is widely used to kinds of powder, pellets, compound or mixing materials and etc in the field of animal feed/food, agricultural seeds. flour and so on. Adopted the advanced microcomputer controlling system, it reach the frequency system, easy operation and maintain, high loading speed and precise weighing materials.

It is composed of the feed silo, auto control weighing system, sealing devise and conveyor. 

2. Technical Parameters of automatic fertilizer bag stitching machine

Type: DC-50

Host power: 0.37kw, 220v,50hz

Weighing arrange: 10-100kg/bag

Working speed: 450-750b/h

Precision: +-0.2%

Hopper size: 1.0cbm

Controlling instrument:LM01

Bag conveying distance: 3m 

Bag conveying Power: 0.75kw, 220V,50hz

Sewing weight: 35kg

Sewing power: 0.37kw 220v, 50hz

Dimension: 350x630x3580mm

Weight: 700kg

The capacity can be adjusted according to user requirement.