Main Performance And Structure Features:

Multi-function, various products and size available

PLC Touch screen operation, easy to operate and understand

Double frequency converter controller / servo motor for choice

High sensitivity sensor, Durable sealing cutting blades

High speed, connectable to various feeder line

Machine Specification
 Film Width Max.250mm Max.320mm  Max.350mm 
 Bag Length 65-280mm 65-330mm 65-330mm
 Bag Width 30-110mm 50-150mm 50-160mm
 Products High max.55mm max.55mm max.60mm
 Packing Speed 40-330bag/min 40-230bag/min 40-180bag/min
 Power 220V 50/60HZ 2.4KW 220V 50/60HZ 2.6KW  220V 50/60HZ 2.6KW
 Machine Dimension(mm) 3770x680x1420 3770x720x1420 4020x770x1420
 Machine Weight 500kg 550kg 580kg
Automatic Feeding Deceive Personal Business Card Packing Machine price

Suitable for packaging various kinds of regular objects like :

Food : like Biscuits , Pies , Chocolates , Bread , Instant noodles, Cup Cakes ,Energy bar ,Ice cream bar,etc

Daily Appliances : Soap bar ,Sponge, Tissue etc …

Stationery:ball pen ,color pen ,mark pen ,Transparent adhesive,rulers,books,paper cards ,etc..

Medical Product: Medical marks ,gauze , abrasive, drugs ,Blood sampling device ,etc…

Different kinds of Hardware and decoration products.

After-sale Service

1. Manules / Videos of machine installation, adjusting, setting, maintenance are available for you.

2. If any problems happend and you can not find out the solutions, Telecom or Online face to face communication available 24 hours.

3. our engineers & technician are available send to your countries for services if you agree pay the expenditure.

4. The machine will have 1 year warranty of machine,2 years warranty of electric part. During the warranty year if any of the parts broken not by man-made. We will free charge to replace the new one to you. The warranty will begin after the machine send out we received the B/L.