Automatic Capping Machine

Mainly used for a variety of round plastic, aluminum, iron screw cap capping for different shaped bottle. It is suitable for capping food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries.


  1. Elegant appearance, smart, capping speed, high pass rate.
  2. Modern and unique design, mechanical torque intelligence control, and the operation and regulation is very convenient.
  3. A multi-purpose machine. Can be used stand-alone production, It is the ideal model to composition production line.
  4. With constant torque capping head, the pressure the pressure is easily adjustable.
  5. The structure is compact and reasonable. And it is easily link into line with other devices.

Technical Parameters:

  • Capping heads: 1Head / 2 Heads
  • Power: AC 220V 50Hz 1Kw
  • Cap Size: 15-100mm
  • Bottle Diameter: Φ35-Φ130mm
  • Bottle Height: 50-320mm
  • Working Speed: 10 – 60 Bottles/min
  • Dimensions: 1500 × 800 × 1600mm
  • Weight: 280 Kg