Automatic big bagging 10kg 25kg powder packing machine

Product Description

This series of packaging machine is a new generation of intelligent packaging machine developed by our company. We use electronic weighing principle to weigh and pack the material. It adopts fast, medium and slow three-speed spiral feeding method, with high precision, fast speed and no dust Pollution and other characteristics. For powder, powder mixed materials, sheet material quantitative packaging.

Products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry. Such as raw materials, flour, milk powder, starch, sugar, additives, fertilizers, fodder, plastic powder, new building materials and other industries.

The main unit consists of automatic weighing packaging machine, conveying device, sewing device, feeding machine and other four major components. With a reasonable structure, handsome in appearance, easy to operate, weighing accurate features.

Application materialspowder
Display Resolution5g, 10g
Weighing Range5-50kg/bag or customized needs
Precisions+/-(0.1-0.2)% FS
Packing Capacity120-180 bags/hour
Dimention(L*W*Hmm)3000*1200*2600mm, the size can be customized according to your site
Power SupplyAC220V/380V, 50HZ, 1P/3P, customized available
Air Source0.5-0.7 Mpa
Working Temperature-10~40 ℃
Relative Humidity≤90% RH(Non-condesing)
Automatic big bagging 10kg 25kg powder packing machine