Main Performance And Structure Features:

High precision structure for simple and easy operation and repair.

PLC touch screen,step motor control,easy and accurate to set the bag length.

It’s owns simple circuitry and outstanding function.

The machine completes the whole procedure of filling,bagging,date printing,charging(exhausting) automatically.

Suitable for packing the fine powder material. Such as coffee powder, spice powder, milk powder, flour, fruits powder, etc.

 Film Width 120-320MM 180-380MM
 Bag Length 50-200MM 60-280MM
 Bag Width 50-150MM 60-180MM    
 Range of Measurement     50-500ML 50-570ML
 Film Roll Diameter Max.320MM Max.320MM
 Packaging Rate 35-70Bag/Min 35-70Bag/Min    
 Power 220V 50/60HZ  2.2KW 220V 50/60HZ 2.5KW
 Machine Size 982*774*1771mm 1100*800*2150mm
 Machine Quality 300KG 450KG
Automatic Bagging Atta Henna Mehndi Powder Packing Machine
Sealing PatternsChecker board pattern;Flat line pattern;Other customized pattern
Sachet Cut-off ShapeFlat cut-off;Serration cut-off;Linking pouch cut-off
Code PrintingPressing type coder built-in;Ribbon code printing;Code inkjet printing
Inflating & DeflatingAir / Nitrogen Inflating;Air deflating
Tear NotchTo make tear notch with specific shape
Packaging Film Correction DeviceTo ensure correct movement of the packaging film
Hang HoleTo make hang hole with specific shape
Dust Collecting DeviceTo collect the dust during dosing
Optional Device