Main Features :

This machine is suitable for packing granular products with good free flow. Such as: Pharmaceutical granules, salt, monosodium glutamate, tea, desiccant, pesticide granules, seeds, etc.

Technical characteristics :

1. Computer control, LCD display, easy operation, stable and reliable operation.

2. The stepping motor controls the bag pulling system, and the bag making precision is high.

3. The fixed bag is shut down, and the heat sealing mold is automatically opened after the shutdown.

4. Fully automatic tracking of color labels, automatic positioning and fixed length of packaging bags.

5.Change the spiral ring adjustment and measurement to the manual lever type, the dial lever and the bracket are integrated, and the operation state of the machine can be adjusted and measured. Operation is more convenient and safer.

Parameters :

(The following parameters can be changed according to customer needs appropriately)

ModelDCS 50 DCS-100
Measuring Range5-25 kg40-50kg
Accuracy Grade±0.2-0.5%±0.2-0.5%
Gas Pressure/
Gas Consumption
Voltage380V 1500W380V 1500W
Pack Speed10-20Bags/Min10-20 Bags/Min