Pellet packing machine

This machine is a smart packaging scale developed by our company for granular materials and irregular materials. It adopts pneumatic gate feeding or belt feeding mode and advanced stepless frequency conversion technology.

High-speed quantitative dispensing of crystals, granules, loose and small pieces of materials with good fluidity in fertilizers, agrochemicals, feed, chemical raw materials, plastic granules, seeds, grain, sugar and other industries.

Product features:

  1. Multi-stage feeding mechanism is adopted, and the weighing range is wide, which can guarantee the speed and accuracy of maximum and minimum weighing.
  2. The weighing control system is designed according to the requirements of IP54 (dust and water proof).
  3. The unit is composed of automatic weighing machine, conveyor, sewing machine and automatic control box.
  4. Optional device: a variety of devices are free to choose (conveyor, sewing machine, air pump).
  5. The double bucket is used for weighing and measuring, and the speed is fast.
DCS -10010-50kg/bag4-8bags/min±0.3%4000W,380V


Q: Are you factory ? 

A: Yes. Our factory in Henan. Welcome you to visit our factory in China. We could offer you the best quality products with the lowest price.

Q: Do you have other type package machine?

A: Yes. Inquiry us for more details.