Working process of packing machine

1st step: Setting the parameters you want by touch sreccn
2nd step: Put the material into the stainless steel hopper, the screw measuring device will measure the weight of powder
3rd step: Packing film holder will provide the film automaticlly.
4th step: The date printer will print the product date, expiry date and production number.
5th step: The stainless steel bag former will baging the nicely packages.
6th step: The bag sealing device will seal the bag, then finish the cutting

Technical Datas

Technical DatasLM-200CLM-320CLM-520DZ
Packing sizeL:30-180 W:15-100 mmL:40-200 W:50-150 mmL:80-400 W:80-250 mm
Packing speed30-80 bags/min10-60bags/min10-50 bags/min
Machine size(L×W×H)640×700×1580mm1100×755×1540mm3600×2230×2660mm
Filling range1-100ML20-200ML150-2000ML
Machine Weight300kg350kg1050kg
Vertical Form Fill Seal pouch packaging machine

Product Application and Bag Type
Powder packing machine is suitable for powdery material such as washing powder, flour, milk powder and soy flour.

Small sachets pouch filling vertical packing machine
Small sachets pouch filling vertical packing machine