It is suitable for packaging the high accuracy and easy fragile material,such as:puffy food,crispy rice,jelly,candy,pistachio,apple slices,dumpling,chocolate,pet food,small hardwares,medicine,etc.


 1. Automatically complete weight measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and counting.
 2.Computer PLC control and automatic alarm function.
 3. English and Chinese man-machine interface, simple operation, high degree of automation.
 4. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, higher accuracy.
 5. Famous parts to ensure the quality and durability of the machine.

Automatic 1Kg 5Kg 10Kg 25Kg Bag Rice Grain Packing Machine In China

Film Width140-420mm 180-520mm220-680mm560-900mm
Bag Length80-300mm80-350mm100-450mm100-600mm
Bag Width60-200mm80-250mm100-330mm260-430mm
Film Roll Diameter400mm
Packaging Speed5-60bag/min5-50bag/min5-40bag/min5-20bag/min
Range Of Measurement150-1000mL150-1800mL150-2500mL1000-5000mL
Film Thickness0.04-0.12mm
Power220V  50Hz  2.2Kw220V  50Hz  3Kw220V  50Hz  3.6Kw220V  50Hz  4.5Kw
Machine Size1315*1015*1343mm1450*1115*1490mm1716*1260*1820mm2187*1684*2723mm
Machine WeightAbout 500kgAbout 600KgAbout 900kgAbout 1200kg
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Automatic 1Kg 5Kg 10Kg 25Kg Bag Rice Grain Packing Machine Price