1. Temperature independent control system, precision get to ±1℃;

2. This packaging unit is controlled by PLC programmable control system and servo driving system. Itadopt human touch interface which can finish these works from bag forming & making, bags counting, date printing, air emptying, finished product conveying as well as other functions.

3. The setting of packaging values, modifying are all done by touch interface, which can totally store more than 10 formulations memory. When it needs to changeover the package, it only needs to select the stored formulations.

4. This packaging unit can make packages of pillow type, perforated holes and angle-held as well as linked bags.

5. The Packaging Machine explores double servo motor film driving and horizontal sealing, which guarantees steadily filming pulling while do the horizontal sealing, Work circumstance quiet, low noise.

Automation Packaging Machine explores double servo film pulling principal which avoids time deviationof mechanical transmission caused by single servo film pulling and guarantees smoothly film pulling. The pouches formation explores 3 sides with back seal type where the sealed mouth explores palm close-open and horizontally pneumatic transimission fixing device assuring reliable and smooth sealing. It resolves automatic pouches forming, sealing, date printing, bags counting etc. The film material suppose to be compound material.

The main part is the cup filler and packing machine, the machine suit for packing the small granular products & powder, such as rice, sugar, monosodium glutamate, washing powder, fodder, rice powder, white sugar, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, dextrose, food additive, dyestuff,  peanut, seeds, salt, desiccant particle ect. The packing weight is easy adjustable to control the cup’s effective filling volume.