Automation salt/sugar/coffee packaging machine explores double servo film pulling principal which avoids time deviation of mechanical transmission caused by single servo film pulling and guarantees smoothly film pulling. 

It resolves automatic pouches forming, sealing, date printing, bags counting etc. The film material suppose to be compound material.

This is an fully automatic packing machine that configured with 4 head electric weigher, vertical film forming machine etc.

Widen Application

 It is suit for granule item that is good fluidity such as rice, sugar, salt, peanut, seed etc. The machine is with a series function of automatic weighing, filling, film forming pouch, pouch sealing, cutting, date coding etc.

1.The raw material (assume it is sunflower seed) is feeding into the upper reserve hopper and then falling into electric vibrator feeder’s tray, and seed is vibrating and feeding into weighing bin.
2.Photoelectric material, can also be optional footswitch blanking.
3.Feedback that the index value is adjustable, meet the precision need.
4.Filling the motor speed adjustable, meet the requirements of various materials.
5.All stainless steel, with the feeding machine of automatic level control.
6. Equip the touch screen(Weinview brand), Servo motor(Delta brand), PLC unit(Delta Brand), famouns and reliable performance electric part.

7.For each weighing bin, it is equip with 2 vibrator feeder: one is higher feeding capacity feeder and another is smaller capacity feeder. This is to guarantee both weighing speed and weighing accuracy.