Atta packing machine has an independent screw measurement, adopted high accuracy stepping motor driver, filling with screw. The machine can be adjusted in your favor in the measurement range by different screw.It is used for the automatic packing of loosing, sticky powder etc. Such as flour powder, curry powder, lotus powder, soybean milk powder, milk powder, spices, health food, etc.

Technical specifications:

A. 304SS auger filler for metering, high accuracy and easy operation.

B. CPU intelligent single chip computer system for efficient running.

C. Step motor for film drag structure, smooth film running and accurate bag cutting.

D. 7inch touch screen, easy operation and multiple language for choice.

E. Separate PID temperature controller, suitable for various packing materials. Such as aluminium film, paper film, PE film, water-soluble film and composite film.

Film widthMax.320mmMax.320mm
Bag length30-200mm30-200mm
Bag width30-110mm40-150mm
Measuring range5-50ml50-250ml
Packing speed30-70 bags/min25-60 bags/min
Power supply220V 50/60Hz220V 50/60Hz
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