It is suitable for the high speed quantitative packaging of granules material in food, grain, fodder, sugar making and chemical industry, etc.

Main Features:

1. The high measuring accuracy, stable performance, full touch screen display, operation more convenient and quick.
2. The adaptive software, the automatic control parameters setting, head automatic correction, out-of-tolerance alarm, fault self-diagnosis, and other functions.
3. Adopts double scale head, high speed measurement system, can be used to sync or alternately, high work efficiency.
4. Imported sensor, pneumatic actuator, reliable operation, simple maintenance, no pollution.
5. The chassis adopts advanced plastic spraying technology, and material contact parts choose import stainless steel, high hygiene standards, corrosion resistance, long service life of equipment.
6. Provide communication interface, and can implement the data communication with PC.
7. Optional automatic hot code, sewing automatically, automatic tangent line, automatic lifting, heat sealing machine, and other functions.


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