Packing is the final process in a fertilizer production line. The fertilizer packing machine is widely used in the agricultural automation. There are many customers who apply this machine on their fertilizer manufacturing. The automatic packing machines adopt integrated structures and they are easy for you to operate. We use technological design on this machine, so that it can weigh the materials automatically with high accuracy. Moreover, we design different types of packaging scales with different features. Whether the products you want to pack are powders or granules, our bag filling facilities can meet your needs.
Alternative Types Of Fertilizer Packing Machines For You
bag filling machines have many types for your different fertiliser packing requirements. For example, if you want to pack powdery fertiliser, we have automatic packing machine for your reference. With a bulk bagging machine, you can pack your products in an easy way. Here we can recommend you some types of fertilizer bagging equipment. You can apply them on your organic fertilizer production line, complex fertilizer production line and bulk blending fertilizer production line.

The manure bagging machines for sale

The manure bagging equipment employ PLC system. This solid fertilizer packaging facility can weigh the materials automatically. Especially, the automatic bag-sewing system can help you sew the filled bags conveniently. It’s usable for manure fertilizer production manufacturing. What’s more, equipping with this packing scale, your fertilizer producing efficiency will be highly improved.
How To Package Organic Fertilisers In Bags For Sale Purpose?
Fertilizer packing machine is popular and convenient in fertilizers production line. Then how can you operate it for bagging organic fertilisers? The following steps can guide you well.

Start the machine and put a bag on the sackholder. When you touch the position switch, the sackholder will clamp the bags tightly.
The instrument will wait for the material level signals and it’s time for you to feed materials if there are signals. The feeding system has three feeding speeds: speediness, intermediate speed and low speed.
The feeding system will feed, weigh and discharge materials automatically because of the PLC.
The sackholder will loosen the bag as long as the discharging process finished. And the filled bag will be down to the conveyor.
It’s time for you to sew the filled bag when it comes to the bag-sewing machine. The sewing process is simple. You just need to step on the foot switch and the bag will be sewed.
Then you can put another bag on the sackholder for the next packing.
By the way, you’d better equip with a mobile belt conveyor for transporting the packed products conveniently.