The quantitative filling and packaging scale machine is mainly composed of four parts: automatic weighing, conveying equipment, bag sealing equipment and computer control. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable operation, energy saving and power saving, easy operation and accurate weighing. The main engine adopts dual-frequency spiral propulsion, dual-barrel measurement, advanced digital frequency conversion control technology, sample processing technology, and anti-interference technology to achieve automatic error compensation and correction

product nameRice packing scale
Product FeaturesAutomatic filling weighing and conveying, sewing bags
Weighing range5-100kg
Packaging speedWeighing: 4-8 bags / minute
Bag typePlastic, paper bag, woven bag
AccuracyWeighing error: 0.2-2%
Gas source0.4-0.65Mpa
power supply380v/220v/50hz
materialCarbon steel / stainless steel
Warranty3 years
5KG 10KG 50KG rice packing scale filling machine

The material will enter the gravity feeder through the feeding part (connecting the hopper), and then enter the weighing hopper. The weighing hopper is equipped with 4 load cells for manual transfer of the weighed bags to the bag holder of the packaging machine. The device and touch the sensor, the bag will be automatically clamped, the completed weighing material will be discharged into the bag, release the bag, transfer it to the sewing machine, close the bag by sewing

1. The machine needs manual assistance for bagging, automatic weighing, bagging, filling, automatic conveying and sewing. 2. Controlled by the instrument to ensure cutting speed and accuracy. 3. It solves the problem of packaging special chemical raw materials, and has a wide application range and simple operation. 4, using high-precision sensors, high intelligent weighing controller, high measurement accuracy and stable performance. 5. The contact part with the material is made of stainless steel and has high corrosion resistance. 6. Electrical and pneumatic components are imported components with long service life and high stability. 7. The control cabinet is sealed and suitable for harsh dust environment. 8. Material tolerance automatic correction, zero point automatic tracking, overshoot detection and suppression, too high and too low alarm