The total unit includes:

  1. Belt conveyor one set;
  2.  hot sealing device one set;
  3. Sewing machine one set;

    Introduction of each part:

  1. Belt conveyor one set;
    Length:3000mm, width:400, made by stainless steel 304 and food grade rubber belt.
  2. Sewing machine one set;
    Manual bag mouth arrangement and feeding to sewing. Auto Pneumatic cotton thread cutting.

    5kg 10kg 25kg 50kg Coffee Powder Packaging Machine with Conveyor Belt
    5kg 10kg 25kg 50kg Coffee Powder Packaging Machine with Conveyor Belt

    Technical parameters:
    Sewing head: GK35
    Foot switch control
    Belt conveying speed:10-30m/min
    Conveyor length:2m

Our Advantages
1. Equipped with automatic bagging manipulator to realize automatic vacuum shaping packaging, weighing, bagging, six-sided
2. The whole process of shaping, vacuuming, heat sealing, unloading, and finished product conveying is controlled automatically.
3.Double-station bagging, double-station vacuum shaping design, rotating and vertical delivery mechanism, vacuum packaging working speed is fast.
4. The wide-capacity shaping mechanism is suitable for thick and thin shape packaging, with good shaping effect and large packaging range.
5.It adopts high-precision alloy steel sensor, pneumatic and vibration feeding mechanism, fast weighing speed and high packaging accuracy.
6.Using Chinese display touch screen, Siemens programmable controller, touch screen intelligent weighing module.