5kg 10kg 20kg flour filling machine electric driven type


  1. Closed clamping, no dust flying.
  2. Servo motor drives screw filling, easy to operate and debug.
  3. Fast, medium and slow three-stage feeding, electronic scale weighing measurement, fast and accurate.
  4. Different leakproof devices can be added according to different materials.
  5. PLC control, Chinese and English touch screen operation.
  6. The hopper can be opened for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  7. Not only measuring by auger ,also equip load cell on the machine.make sure high accuracy.
  8. filler head is lift ,its height is adjustable ,to meet different bag height.

This series auger filler suit for powder and small granular products filling into pre-made containers,bags ,cans or bottles, widely used in the talc powder ,spice ,coffee powder ,wheat flour , starch powder , Pharmaceuticals ,agriculture pesticide ,dyestuff and so on.