Designed for such materials as powder and fine powder,this machine can finish metering,filling, gas-flushing automatically.It is also used to meter and fill powder,making a product line with several kinds of packing machine.

1.The principle of powder packaging machine is the machine compositing electricity, light, instrument at an organic whole set, SCM control, which can automatically quantitative,  fill and adjust the measurement error. 
2.High efficiency: adopting spiral feed in style, optical controlling technology. 
3.High precision: adopting step-motor and electronic weighing technology.
4.Widely packaging range: same sets quantitative packaging machine in 5-5000g through electronic keyboard adjustment and replacement of different specification feed in spiral controller is  continuously adjustable.
5.Widely application: liquidity powder form, granular materials etc.
Suitable for bags, cans, and various bottle container powder quantitative packaging.
7. Photoelectric switch controlling system, only artificially bagging, clean, easy sealing.
5kg 10kg 20kg 50kg gravity feeding rice packing machine,rice packing machine automatic

Pellet Packing machine is made up of the host machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine, controller and so on. 

Pellet Packing machine is made up of the host machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine,

controller and so on.

  1. Host machine

Model:DCS 50

Weighing capacity:5-6bags/min weighing range:5-50 kg/bag

Weighing error:±0.3% control method:PLC

voltage:AC380V power: 2.2kw

pressure:0.4—0.5MPa Air consumption:0.4Nm3/min

  1. Conveyor
    length:2.2m speed:5—20m/min

Width:400mm max delivery value:15bags/ min

voltage:AC380V power :0.75kw

  1. Bag sewing machine

Sewing type:double-lock chain stitch sewing specification:21S/5,20S/,30S/
Cotton line max speed:1700times/min
Needle lenght:6.5—11mm max sewing length: 8mm
Needle type:80800type200—250#
voltage:380V power :0.55kw