50kg magnesium chloride packing machine

fertilizer packing machine
Product FeaturesAutomatic filling weighing and conveying, sewing bags
Weighing range20-50kg
Packaging speedWeighing: 8-12 bags / minute
Bag typePlastic, paper bag, woven bag
AccuracyWeighing error: 0.2-2%
Gas source0.4-0.65Mpa
power supply380v/220v/50hz
materialCarbon steel / stainless steel
Warranty1 years
After sales servicewhole life
50kg fertilizer package machine

20-50kg high speed fertilizer sand compost weihing packing bagging machine are used to weighing and packing fertilizer sand compost. The weight from 10kg-70kg are available.
The bag can be closed by heat sealing for lining/plastic bags and sewing(thread stitching) for woven bags, paper bags, kraft bags, sacks etc.

25-50kg granule package machine