Open mouth powder/granule packing machine: bagging 5kg-50kg;

Semi automatic powder/granule filling machine: filling 1kg-5kg;

Full automatic powder/granule weighting, packing and sealing machine: 5g-5000g.

We can offer powder/granule conveying, mixing, packing and sealing machines, stock bins, conveyor belts, bag sewing machine for production lines.

You can choose machine material as your demand: Carbon steel, Full stainless steel 304/316L, or Raw material contact parts are stainless, for option.

Particle packing machine, for granular, good fluidity materials designed by particle packing machine, it has a high weighing accuracy, easy to operate, reliable, fully functional and other characteristics, can be widely used in feed, food , food, seeds, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, non-metallic mineral, chemical, mineral, rubber, leather, fertilizer and other industries

Features of big bag granule packing machine 

♦ English and Chinese figures show that simple and intuitive, packaging specifications continuously adjustable, any change working conditions, operation is very simple.

♦ two kinds of feed delivery is incorporated quantitatively accurate, high precision.

♦The weight value is set, store, modify, and other functions. Having zero and automatic zero tracking function.

♦ The total package weight and number of bags accumulated display.

♦with weighing, unloading bags and folders process chain control function.

♦with automatic and manual tare function.

Filling range10-50kg(adjustable)
Filling capacity25kg*(10-15)bags/min
Power supply800W, AC380V, 50/60Hz
Pneumatic power supply0.4-0.6MPa
Whole machine weight450Kg
Machine dimension240cm*140cm*340cm
Bags material appliedWoven bag, craft paper bags for sewing sealing;PP, PET, Compound film bag ect for heat sealing
Machine MaterialsFull or Contact Parts SUS 304/316L, Carbon Steel