Main Parts:

1.Auto filling system  2.Auto weighting balance  3.Auto belt conveyor 

4.Auto sewing machine  5.Electric control cabinet

Manual bag placing–>Auto filling–>Auto weighting–>Auto bag conveyor–>Auto bag sewing

 Widen Application    

This 25kg 50kg cement bag sealing machine is suitable for the quantitative packing of feed,rice,bean,grain,sugar, chemical material and so on.The machine has one/double weighing hopper inside. 

Features of Powder Sealing 

1.The 25kg 50kg cement bag sealing machine is equipped with auto dosing fill system.

2.The 25kg 50kg cement bag sealing machine is auto weighting balance.

3.The 25kg 50kg cement bag sealing machine equipped with auto belt conveyor.

4.Auto sewing machine is enquipped.

5.Electric control cabinet: easy operation

Specific Parameters of Open Mouth Powder Bagging Machine         

Filling range10-50kg(adjustable)
Feeding methodscrew auger
Filling capacity25kg*(7-10)bags/min
Power supply1.8Kw, AC380V, 3phase power, 50/60Hz
Pneumatic power supply0.4-0.6MPa
Whole machine weight460Kg
Machine dimension240cm*160cm*280cm
Bags material appliedWoven bag, craft paper bags for sewing sealing;PP, PET, Compound film bag ect for heat sealing

We can also offer powder/granule conveying, mixing, packing and sealing machines, stock bins, conveyor belts, bag sewing machine for production lines.

You can choose machine material as your demand: Carbon steel, Full stainless steel 304/316L, or Raw material contact parts are stainless steel, for option.