500g~20kg Automatic Packet Sugar/Salt Packing Machine

roduct Description:

  1. Function: electronic sensor weighing, PLC.
  2. Action Process: The material in the auxiliary silo is transported by the horizontal screw to ensure that the dust is not leaked to the maximum extent; the horizontal screw is designed with a sandwich set to ensure that the material generated when the material falls into the package is reversed through the interlayer. Then, it falls into the packaging bag under the action of the gravity of the material itself, so as to prevent the material from running into the air through the gap of the bag holder; the outside of the bag holder is additionally equipped with a dust removing port, which will run out from the gap between the bag mouth and the bag holder. A very small amount of dust is collected from the dust collector and filtered. The cut-off door is installed on the discharge opening of the vertical trough, when the weighing is finished, the cut-off door is automatically closed to prevent the material from dripping and affecting the accuracy. Automatic start, automatic peeling, automatic air volume compensation. If the weight of the material in the bag is too poor, the packaging machine will give an alarm.
  3. Sewing Unit:Sewing machine and liftable sewing machine column, the maximum sewing thickness is 8mm, the sewing speed is 1700rpm~1800rpm, the sewing stitch length is 6.5mm~11mm, the needle type is 80800×250#, the wire cutter is mechanical, the drive motor power 380v , 50Hz; the sewing machine can be set on the column of the sewing machine and the control switch of the reserved belt conveyor and the he adjustable height is suitable for the height range of the design package.
  4. Power Failure Protection: with power-off protection function, after a sudden power failure, the system will automatically save the state, and the material door will return to the initial state, which will not cause material overflow and blockage.
  5. Data transfer between the weighing control cabinet and the RIO can be done via a serial connection (RS485).
  6. The handler software includes user dialog (process and configuration parameters, test and inspection methods, etc.), weighing data control, process monitoring, fault detection and signaling systems.
  7. There are class, Nissan, and cumulative production information automatic storage functions.