How many main parts this machine includes?

1. Basic vertical packing machine

2. multi-heads weigher

3. material elevator

4. working platform

5. products conveyor

6.Date coder

What are the machine features?

1. adopts the advanced PLC and photoelectric control system, touch screen in both Chinese and English, and automatic completion of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting and printing codes.

2. adopts the stainless steel 201 for the machine’s mainframe, and stainless steel 304 for the parts touching supplies, which has a very good effect of anti-rusting, so guarantee the products clean and sanitary, and also greatly prolong the machine’s life-span. 

Technical Parameters:

Itemautomatic grains/snacks/foods pack machine
Model420(depends on your needs|)
FillingMulti-heads weigher
Bag styleBack sealed bag,pillow bag
Volume/bagFrom 0g-5kg/8/9/10kg
Bag sizeL80-300mm, W50-200mm(Customized) 
Packing speed5-60 bags/min
Control systemPLC+ touch screen
materialstainless steel
voltage380V, 50Hz,3P/ 220V, 60Hz, 3P
Dimensionabout 5*2*3.5m for the whole packing line
Film materialPaper/polyethylene; cellophane/polyethylene;Plated aluminum/polyethylene; BOPP/polyethylene; nylon/polyethylene 
suppliesall kinds of grain or granule, such as sugar, salt, coffee, seasoning, instant powder drinks, desiccant, washing powder, etc; or a little bigger granules like pills, tablets, capsules, candies, nuts, peanuts, agricultural products, etc; or some sliced, blocked and puffed foods like potato slices, potato chips, rice crust, etc. 
Main functionsAutomatically measure, make bags, fill, seal, cut and print codes.
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