5 Gallon/19 ltr Water Filling Machine

5 Gallon/19 ltr Water Filling Machine

5 Gallon Water Filling Line

5 gallon barrel pure,mineral water filler line mainly consists of 7 parts. They are respectively:
1.De-capping machine
2.External barrel brushing machine
3.Bottle feeding machine
4.Washing, filling, capping machine
5.Cap elevator
6.Lamp checker

The barreled water filling line is mainly used to produce bottled water with volume from 3 gallon to 5 gallon.And different models can offer production capacity from 100 to 2000BH/H.The whole production process operates as follows:Empty barrel are convenyed stably by conveying belt into decapping machine,which will remove bottle caps.Those caps can be recycled after being cleaned and disinfected.Then barrel are conveyed into the extemal brush washing machine to take all-round rinsing with hot alkali and pure water.After rinsed,barrel will be sent to rinsing filling capping machine,where bottles are rinsed inside with hot alkali,disinfectantliquid and pure water.And then barrel is filled with pure water provided by water treatment system.Then after capped,those barreled water is sent to shrink packing machine in which shrink packaging of caps is done.The whole production process is controlled by PLC,so this barreled water production line is automatic,Through control panel,users can monitor visually working conditions of each machine section and operate conveniently. 

Automatic de-capper is the professional equipment for 5 gallon water filling line, especially the filling line that use recycle barrel. It enhances work efficiency remarkably, reduce secondary pollution from manual de-capping greatly and lower labor intensity. The machine is made of stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and easy cleaning. The pneumatic parts are from the famous brand AIRTAC.

Name: External barrel brushing machine
Full Automatic out side Brushing Machine is affiliated production facility for three & five gallons barrel packing production line. For 5 gallons barrel opening and the body of barrel can be brushed. It is especially suitable for producing mineral water, it can effectively eliminate sediment and alga caused by mineral. This machine brushes the bottom, outside surface and inside surface of the barrel, so washing and cleaning effect can be obviously increased. It can greatly reduce second pollution caused by manual brushing and can reduce works labor stress.

Name: Bottle feeding machine
The device employs key components of electrical appliances and metal materials manufactured by name brand factories from home and abroad. It is not only with the advanced technology, high automatization, easy operation and reliable performances as the genuine device from abroad, but also features with small size, small weight and beautiful appearance, anti-corrodibility.

Name: Washing, filling, capping machineFull automatic washing-filling-capping
Automatic machine stop for power leakage, short circuit, low air pressure and water leakage
Bottle flush thoroughly
Precise filling avoid spill and wastage
High quality of stainless steel used
Easy operation and maintenance
Operational function including counter, external washing, user-friendly screen, water heating

Name:Cap elevator
1.Control system—-.Operation system —- Adopting traditional control plate, easy-operated , stable and reliable
2.Function advantage—-Supporting with the capping machine,automatic cap-sender,automatic stopping,automatic control.
3.Stepless speed regulation—- According to production requirement can realize balance the cap-sending speed .
4.Electrical elements—-Adopting international famous brand to ensure the remarkable quality, stability and high precision. 

Name:Lamp checker
The lamp checker It Is usually used tar production checking after filling, eyes check the product by light pass the qualified product and eliminate the debris.

1.Dimensions: 2000-4880mm(L) ×210mm(W) ×800mm(H).
2.Overall power: based on the final layout.
3.With circular chain transit between each chain, better convey effect.
4.Beautiful appearance, convenient adjustment.
5.Chain plate made by standard 304 stainless steel chain products.
6.Homemade stainless steel fittings, stainless steel flat pillar.
7.Convenient wiring, easy maintenance, easy to check.